Friday, November 18, 2011


It is finally Friday!  And what a LONG week it has been.  I can't complain though, because next week is Thanksgiving and I am very thankful for a lot of things.  Busy weekend to start off the "official" beginning of the holiday season!  My company fall festival (a replacement of the traditional Christmas party) is tomorrow.  There will be guns, shooting contests, a hay ride and a magic show!  Sounds like a great combination.  Definitely NOT your traditional Christmas party.  Then it is the beginning of what I think will be the busiest week of the year, and I am only working 2 days.  Monday through Wednesday is filled with doctor's appointments, holiday lunches, more doctor's appointments, depositions, Thanksgiving traditions, maybe a little rest and last but not least a family gathering that always leaves a LOT to be desired.  But I guess it wouldn't be a real holiday without one of those!  I must say though, that I hate being the kind of person that only goes to these gatherings because I feel guilty if I don't.  When I guess that I really should be thankful for have that family (technically!)  Some of them of love dearly, but others...really!?  Oh well, I can't complain!  I always cook Thanksgiving from my husband, kids and in-laws on Thursday evening.  This is after a wonderful Thanksgiving breakfast with my family!  Then I normally cook Thanksgiving for my family on Saturday.  Because I have been sick, my mother in-law is taking care of Thursday's dinner (what a sweet lady!)  And my mother told me that she would not come to my house on Saturday for a Thanksgiving feast.  Many would say that isn't nice of her, but she says if she doesn't come, then I won't cook.  So another sweet lady who is thinking of my well-being instead of thinking about a good meal!  This will be the first year and 5 that I will not cook a thing for Thanksgiving.  It almost feels sacreligious!  And might I add, my husband isn't very happy about it!  There are few things in life that he will sit and long for.  One of those things is my Thanksgiving meals!  He says that it just won't be the same.  Oh well, he will just have to be thankful for what he gets!  So, now that I have put on paper (well, kind of) my agenda for the week, I am completely overwhelmed!  I think that I deserve a nice date with my husband at my favorite sushi restaurant!  Sounds like a pretty good end to a pretty rough week!

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