Monday, November 21, 2011

What's the difference?

This week is Thanksgiving.  I watched a movie on Saturday that I have heard lots of people talk about.  The movie was "Letters to God."  I won't ruin the viewing experience for anyone, but the movie is about an 8 year old little boy that is battling brain cancer.  He writes a letter to God everyday.  While watching this movie, I couldn't help but think about my own children.  I have an 8 year old!  I can't imagine having to deal with the pain and heartache of having a sick child.  I hate when my kids have the sniffles or a fever.  I always think, "why can't I be sick for them!"  And these are just minor ailments.  Then I thought about my own health issues.  I have had a headache 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since February.  As bad as it is, it pales in comparison to what this little boy is going through in this movie!  How dare I complain about feeling bad.  How dare I complain about being distracted or having an argument with my mom or my husband.  How dare I complain about anything!  At least I am healthy enough to complain.  Stuff like this certainly puts things in perspective. 

I can remember when I was younger, my parents started their own construction company.  Things were tough for the first couple of years, but then things really picked up.  We suddenly could buy things that we had never been able to buy.  Life seemed so much easier because we had more money.  I was in junior high, and I would tell my mom that everyone talked about me because we were "rich."  She would always get so mad when I would say that we were "rich," and I never understood.  She would tell me that we will never be rich, but that we were "fortunate."  What was the difference?!  It took me a really long time to understand the difference.  I know now that I am more fortunate than ever!  God has given me a wonderful husband and 2 healthy and beautiful children.  He has given me a mom and dad that love me no matter what I screw up (and there have been a LOT of screw ups!)  He has given me a great career and a beautiful home and most of all he has given me the faith inside to know that even when I think that things are tough and can't get much worse, that I am always taken care of.  I am by no means "rich", but I would so much rather be fortunate! 

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