Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An Old Post

This is an old post from another blog that I started and never did anything with.  It is very fitting at this point in my life today.  After a really bad day, it is nice to go home and remember this stuff!  It makes my current problems just a little bit better!

Where did I go?

For over 25 years, everyone knew me as Shannon. Now mind you, my last name changed several times in 25 years, but I remained the same Shannon that I had always been. Then on April 2, 2003, everyone forgot that my name was Shannon. With one tick of the clock, I was given a new name and became a new person...Mommy. It was a name that I had always dreamed of having, but never really ever thought that God would permit me to have it. Suddenly in that one minute, I was no longer the Shannon that I had always been. Shannon was always a little high strung, but pretty outgoing. She could be timid at times, but normally never met a stranger. Shannon was always passionate about everything and easily motivated. She was driven and often a perfectionist. Shannon was always all of that stuff. Who would have thought that one second in one day of one year in a lifetime would completely change what Shannon had always been. Don't get me wrong, it is wonderful and amazing and everything that everyone tells you that it will be, but who am I kidding? When your name is changed to Mommy, you become someone that you never knew existed and it is HARD! You suddenly become selfless, no matter how much you don't want to be. You become a provider, no matter how dependent you used to be. You become loving and sentimental, no matter how hard and insensitive you were. And unlike a pregnancy that grows over 9 months, this change is sudden and abrupt and there is no getting used to it. In one second I went from being Shannon, to being Mommy. I wouldn't change it for anything, that is for sure! It is a gift that I was given, and there are some days that I know I am not so good at being this new person, but the good thing about it is I get to wake up the next day try to be better at it.

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